You only live once. This is the slogan that many people have opted to live by, when it comes to alcohol and substance use. Expert Team

There has been so much fun derived from individuals who later form gangs and identify joints where they can drink themselves to stupor. It does not matter the quantity, the quality or how much they would have to pay for the alcohol. What really matters is that they are living their best life which can only be done, this one time.

The worst effect these substance usage is an alcohol and chemical addiction effect, that has severalconsequences;

Physical Health Effects

One attempt to consume an alcoholic drink or substance often leads to the desire to consume another and in larger quantities. The result of increasing the quantity at every intake is the prolonged use which leads to addiction. This has a detrimental effect on health. You will begin to notice that the organs of the body that often operated normally begin to operate very strenuously.

You also get a problem with your respiratory system that results in difficulty breathing. While these effects are not only about the organs, your physic also begins to experience the effects of the usage. Your organs go through damage, and the balance are constantly not in balance. What is even worse, chronic illnesses that you only heard about and took all measures to keep yourself from now catch up with you. These diseases are cancer and HIV/Aids.


Mental Health Effects

In addition to the above mentioned health effects, it is very likely that if you use alcohol and other substances and get to the point of addiction, you could go through a mental breakdown and impairment. Once you go through a mental breakdown, it means that you lose all normality and begin to have uncontrolled reasoning. You hardly recognize what is going on around you, your speech is no longer the same and you sometimes or even all the time say things that absolutely make no sense.

As a result of this, you can no longer fit with any group of people except the ones that are going through your same kind of problem. Most mental health problems due to addiction of alcohol and substance use begin with occurrences of depression, too much anxiety, memory loss where you hardly remember events of the past and also people who are close to you and finally, you get too anxious and begin to have a burning rage for everyone and everything.

Loss Of Life

The ultimate consequence of drug addiction would be death. Here, you have completely immersed yourself in the use of the chemical substances. Your level of addiction has resulted to difficulty in withdrawing from them. Your body has grown weak and you have collected all forms of diseases. The situation can get better when you try to start over but the withdrawal symptoms cannot let you.
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Alcohol addiction does not just lead to getting one disease. It is one ailment after another and eventually, no treatment can bring your body to function normally. Some substances are too dangerous when used in high dosage and can lead to a heart attack that may kill you instantly. Also, chronic illnesses such as HIV/Aids and cancer lead to a very slow and painful but sure death. When the functions of the body can no longer function, the ultimate effect is death.