Australia its facts and other information

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Australia its facts and other information

Australia, its history and location.

Australia, legally known as the Commonwealth of Australia, is a sovereign nation that is one of the territory of Oceania. It is the major continental mass in which occupies the Sahul platform and is surrounded by the Indian, Antarctic and Pacific Glaciers oceans; it is separated from Asia by the oceans of Arafura and Timor. It is bordered by the nations Indonesia, East Timor and Papua New Guinea to the north, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and the French dependency of New Caledonia to the northeast, and New Zealand To The Southeast Region.

So how exactly does historic past of Australia begin?

Historical past of Australia goes back to the time men arrived on its territory the first time. Australian aborigines arrived with boat from the southeast of the Eurasian continent approximately 60,000 years ago, nevertheless, the date is in discussion since Australian prehistory is considered to be several thousands of years more extensive since there are no writings of human being events prior to contact with Europeans. And, likewise, around 1,000,000 aborigines already lived in the place after they colonized it.
It is known that Australia had been found in the 16th century by Spanish and Portuguese sailors, but they kept the information secret for strategic factors. Then, Dutch explorers made the first sighting a century later. However, they deemed it an uninhabitable stretch of land that wasn’t ideal for colonization and also left free passing to later British “”.

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Captain James Cook.

Even though there was some other European incursions in past times, what is considered as the most complete discovery of Australia was done in the 18th century by the English captain James Cook, who arrived in 1770, acquired the area for the British crown and also got control of the Southeast of the tropical island in the identity of the king of England.
Cook’s breakthroughs and the acceptance of his reports through English authorities, granted the first European settlement on the region, therefore it is common to hear that Cook is the discoverer of the the southern area of land, although the true breakthrough discovery happened over 160 years before his journey.

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British colonization.

England was particularly intrigued by Australia for the reason that saw it as a potential answer to the problem of overpopulation that they experienced during that time due to the loss in the THIRTEEN American colonies and it also was considered to move a part of its inhabitants there. For this reason, on March 13, 1787, eleven 1st Navy boats left Portsmouth, England, to Botany Bay, Australia . In that way, settlers arrived and inhabited the location while displacing aborigines because of the confiscation of the lands and diseases.

It has become a Federation.

As soon as the twentieth century arrived, Australia did not exist as a country: it consisted of a conglomerate of colonies or autonomous states. However in 1901, the Six different state governments decided in a referendum to turn into a federation and they also selected the common flag that these days remains the flag of Australia.
Following the formation of Australia as a nation, it had been intended to inflict a regulation on immigration control. Nonetheless, when World War II ended, numerous migrants coming from various places found its way to the country and, at present, it has become the house of people from a number of areas of the world.


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